Am I Supposed To Use My CPAP Machine Every Night?

People with sleep apnea find relief in Sleep Apnea machines. They don’t always find them comfortable and conducive to their lifestyles but they are just a part of their new life that they have to get used to.

Sleep apnea isn’t actually a permanent disease. Yes, it is the disease where you stop breathing in your sleep until you startle yourself awake gasping for air throughout the night. Although this may be true, using the CPAP machine can help to reduce or cure this problem. You WILL have to stay true to your machine and wear it every night but you can fight the disease.

However, if this machine is extremely uncomfortable for you, you can try using it in moderation. Also you have the option for switching out masks and everything. If you would like a CPAP mask that only goes over your nose then there are masks that can help you out with that.

The machine is very quiet so you will not have to worry about it waking you up. In fact, there are some types of CPAP machines that allow you to listen to sleepy time music on them. They have alarms to wake you up as well. This machine doesn’t get any easier. It has everything you need having to do with sleep built right into the machine itself. You will be able to enjoy a full night rest while being drifted off to dream land through the sweet song of CPAP.

There are machines that are quieter than others too. You will be able to get used to it because of the quiet sound. Now, all you have to do is find a mask you like and a system that works for you with the pressure, times you wear it and everything. This will make for better usage and a more effective sleep.

Using your CPAP machine really is up to you and the level of sleep apnea you are at. If you have full blown apnea then you should be using it every night for a while until you can start weening yourself off it. You will not need to continue use if you start to be able to breathe normally on your own. You are a free person to use it as you please. Otherwise, if you still have major problems with waking up and getting really bad rests then you should strongly consider wearing a CPAP machine to bed and some afternoons.


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