Are Our Apps Inappropriately Apt to Advanced Computer Attacks?

There have been in ever increasing number of attacks ever since all of the apps became available for the smart phones and tablets. I expect this to increase, and until the directories which allow these apps in their libraries for download start enforcing some of the code within these apps, I imagine we will have more of the same for a good time to come.

There was an interesting article recently in our local paper here in Palm Desert, The Palm Desert – Desert Sun on July 10, 2011 titled “Media Apps Raise Privacy Concerns” by Byron Acohido (republished from the USA Today). The article stated what I believe we had all feared; facebook messenger spy android

“Social Media Apps have introduced unprecedented risks, now being discussed as part of a push for stronger federal privacy laws. The Problem: Anyone can introduce a social-media app that ties directly into FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other popular services designed primarily to sell advertising, states the Online Trust Alliance.”

When it comes to apps, most people are more concerned that the apps are spying on them and giving away their location to advertisers, apparently some of the apps are spying on them, through spyware and code written into the apps, and they’re interested in a lot more than just advertising, and hope to garner a lot more information from the users than merely their location. In fact, a few of them were written by cyber hackers, and are looking for banking information, passwords, and other things.

Could it be that many of the recent break-ins to some of these very sophisticated IT departments of some of the top corporations in America are because the apps were spying on the users, and collecting their information including passwords, and then they were able to break into these systems very easily? And consider this, when people use their tablet or smart phone who’s to say that other people aren’t looking in with their on the Wi-Fi system?

The article in the USA Today, and my local paper here brings up a very good point. Maybe people are just far too trusting of these apps, and the data which is being disseminated from their tablets and smart phones. Now then, why is everyone so trusting of these new systems? Is it because they just assume that if they download something from the Apple App Store, or Google’s library of apps that it’s automatically safe and checked?

Do the users simply assume that those programmers which make them or the company they’re doing business with are legitimate, and would never use their data for anything other than what they promised? If so you can see the problem, we have far too many people that put far too much trust in their mobile apps. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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