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Sample Argumentative Essay: Solutions for reforms to the Criminal Justice System

Reforms to the Criminal Justice System

Crime is an activity, which is against the law. There are various types of crimes; rape, murder, sexual assault, robbery, and assault, among others. There has been a rising rate of crime in various countries and states, United States recording a high percentage. This change of expectations calls for critical analysis of the situation.

Incarceration is the main form of punishment for offenders who break the law. It has existed for a long time, but even with it, there seems to be a high rate of crimes as well as incarceration. United States records the highest incarceration rates in the world due to high levels of violent crimes. For this reason, there is a need to reform the criminal justice system to come up with better workable methods.

The most effective reforms that can be introduced include; introduction of correctional facilities and programmes to go hand in hand with imprisonment, having in place severe punishments and penalties to match each crime, and the frequency and expert intervention such as guidance and counselling sessions when in prison should be introduced (Fairfax). Setting up labour camps where offenders can work, conducting proper investigations. These reforms will help the prisoners to acquire some skills and maybe solve personal issues for the case of some who commit crimes due to personal issues.

Various advantages will accrue to the state if they adopt some of these reforms. The main reason for the adoption of the reforms is to reduce the incarceration mass. The only way of achieving this urgent objective is by introducing reforms that will help the prisoners to change and other individuals to learn from the mistakes of others to avoid getting into the same trouble. This objective is achievable if the state reviews the existing system and do away with programmes that make prisoners more rebellious. essay writing service reddit 

The reforms will also help reduce costs incurred to run the heavily crowded prisons. Prisons spend money to provide the basic needs for prisoners hence when they increase; it means that there will be more of the federal budget going to prisons. With the reforms, the state will divert these funds to other purposes that will help improve the economy of the state (Fairfax). The funds will help in providing proper facilities to the fewer people in prisons.

Most people believe that there will be no change even when the federal government implements these reforms. The reason for this argument is that reforms have been made in the past but still there is no change concerning neither the masses of people in prison nor the rates of crime. The rates are still rising year after year, irrespective of whether reforms are implemented or not. Failure may have occurred in the past and the reforms did not bear fruits but this does not necessarily mean the same failure will occur.

Others may tend to argue that the reforms proposed are quite expensive to implement. The reforms that call for facilities and programmes means that the government will have to set aside such funds for the purpose of making the plan a success. The costs associated with the implementation, that is, acquisition of facilities and installation are excessively much. Declining a reform based on cost alone is a great mistake; before a reform is declined, the cost of implementation has to be compared with the benefits that the state will enjoy in future from the reform.

Some programmes especially the correctional ones will lead to creation of new individuals with different trait, people who will be of benefit to themselves, their families, and the society. When prisoners are subjected to a prison where they are corrected rather than punished, there is a high chance of such people changing their behaviour for the better. It is an advantage to the society because when such a person comes out of prison, he/she will have changed and will live as a law-abiding person. Peace will prevail in the environment where this person will go back. There is no reason for leaving out a reform with this advantage.


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