BMW E90 Parts, Modifying This Popular Car to Be Unique

The BMW E90 3-Series was first introduced in Europe in 2005 and in the US for the 2006 model year. Starting with the E90 325i and E90 330i, BMW further expanded the model range to the E90 335i and E90 328i for the 2007 model year. While the BMW 3-Series is known for performance, handling and great styling from the factory, there are many BMW parts you can add to improve the look, performance and feel of your E90 3-Series.

E90 Performance Parts wheels for bmw

Your E90 BMW comes from the factory with a fairly efficient air intake system but it is designed to minimize sound and emissions. This robs performance and makes your E90 slower. There are a variety of BMW cold air intakes available for the E90 3 series that will improve performance, flow and gas mileage. The aFe Dual Cone Intake for the E90 335i is the best option to maximize performance from the BMW twin turbo inline 6 engine. Available with a Pro Dry S or Pro5R oiled filter, these are lifetime units that can be reused and washed regularly.

Your BMW 3 series can be further improved with performance software for your BMW. The Juice Box 3 performance software for the E90 335i is the best plug and play solution for the 335i engine. If you are seeking a more custom tune, you can go with the Active Autowerke Performance Software which can be tailored to your specific modifications to maximize performance.

E90 Exterior Parts

The E90 is well styled from the factory but can be made more aggressive with BMW Matte Black Grills, BMW carbon fiber roundels, 335i shadow vehicle emblems and much more. Vorsteiner provides a full aero package for the 335i including the Vorsteiner V-35 Vented Race Hood and the Vorsteiner Aero Bootlid for the E90 3 series. These are lightweight carbon fiber upgrades that will reduce bodyweight, improve looks and aerodynamics over the factory body kit. In addition, the M3 Style Front Bumper, M3 Style Rear Bumper and M3 Style Side Skirts for the E90 will add an M3 look to your standard 3-series. These are direct install bumpers that will improve looks and aerodynamics over the factory standard bumper.


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