Building Your Own Fishing Boat

Fishing is a wonderful hobby no matter how you do it, but how cool would it be to do it in a boat that you built with your own hands? I think that the feeling would be pretty awesome;) boat parts

When building your own fishing boat first you have to decide 2 things: are you going to go alone and what material do you want to use?

There some very small fishing boats that can fit 1 adult and you can build in about 10 hours, but what I recommend is building a Flat rowing boat. It does take a little longer to build but it can hold up to 3 people depending on the model.

As far as material goes, it is really up to your budget and your skill level. If you have a good budget and some experience crafting go for something like fiberglass or wood, if you are somewhat low on budget and not very skilled go for plywood. With plywood you can shorten your build time by a whole lot, and its just as sturdy.

After you decided those things you have to pick a boat building plan or blueprint. There are a lot of them out there, some even for free but I don’t recommend those.

The blueprint is the most important thing and you need one that gives you step by step instruction in order to build your boat fast, without any headaches and make it safe at the same time. If you go for one of those free plans, you will just get a couple of drawings and a picture with the final product…maybe you will find some that will give you a supply list, but that’s about it.

So if you really want to build your own fishing boat you need the best boat building plans. I recently reviewed a product that give you a whole lot of boat plans, from fishing boats to yachts, all very detailed with supply lists AND step by step instructions, a really nice deal in my opinion. Go ahead and Read My Review about it, it will only take you 1 minute tops.


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