Decoding DNA Skincare Products

Your skin is your most visible organ in your body. It may also be your most important organ when you consider what it does. It protects cushions, defends you from the environment, regulates your temperature, keeps out bacteria and a host of other functions too complex to describe in one article.

Today we understand more and more about the effects of the sun and the environment on skin and on the aging factors effecting skin, face, eyes, and lips. DNA skincare products are scientifically developed to work with the genetic makeup of your skin.

Research and testing has let scientists discover the single nucleotide polymorphisms in our skin to help evaluate overall skin health. Working with technology, skin product companies have a host of DNA skincare products that specifically address the aging, wrinkling, and damage to the skin caused by sun and environmental hazards.

A product like Wilma Schumann’s DNA Plus is an excellent example of a product available for the consumer looking for the best possible healthy skincare available. Products such as this use science and technology to create skincare lines for cleansing, moisturizing, acne, anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, toning, and fine tuning pigment of skin, face, lips, and eyes. buy cbd oil

DNA skincare products are continually researched and developed. They are tested for UV exposure and their ability to protect skin under all kinds of environmental conditions. They are tested for quality, purity, effectiveness, and performance. The products are based on world leading research using information about mitochondria DNA and molecular skin structure.

DNA products can be combined for a client in special spa type salon or clinic after a skin test is performed from taking a skin cell sample from inside the mouth and sending it for analysis. The highly trained technician or physician will then make recommendations for skincare products specific to the individual’s DNA.

Other DNA based skincare products can be purchase according to a general assessment of your skins state of health, for instance anti-wrinkling for women over 40. DNA specific skincare products can be generically made for wrinkles, anti-aging, rejuvenation of old dull skin, and other specific areas an individual may want to address.

DNA skincare and companies that use DNA research will continue to provide formulations and products that can be tested for DNA protection and DNA treatment possibilities in all skin products. Technology will allow many companies to test current products to determine their effectiveness against sun and environmental damage to skin cells so improvements can be made to existing products along with the development of new product lines. All of this research is to provide better and more effective protection for our skin against sun and environmental toxins, to decrease the signs of aging, and to promote restoration of skin to a healthy state.


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