Finding a Social Care Job Board

The online recruiting market can still be perceived as being very fragmented; you have industry-specific job boards, targeted demographic job boards and even social media sites that function in a similar manner to a job board. remote work

But, hiring managers are in many cases sifting through all available sources and starting to post job openings to niche job boards, due to their candidate targeting, lower costs and more efficient business model, as opposed to the larger more un-targeted web sites. Also, many hiring managers today are looking for some competitive advantage in the marketplace and are turning to niche job boards to give them an edge.

Recent surveys have indicated that the overall quality of leads provided by large “one size fits all” job boards is diminishing. Many hiring managers who have tried posting jobs to these larger sites have not always been satisfied with the process, as many job postings generate a deluge of responses from candidates, who are not well qualified for the position they are advertising, forcing the hiring manager to sift through a large batch of irrelevant responses and wasting time and financial resources. Like everything else related to marketing – niche targeting typically generates better results than mass marketing!

Also, most major job boards utilize technology that matches a job seeker with a job position, resulting in a “push” of resumes back to the hiring manager that may or may not be a real match for a specific position. The automation requires no action whatsoever from the job seeker, minimizing the human interaction, which can in many cases make the process work much better. Technology is not serving the hiring manager!

Niche job boards in many cases also offer a lower cost model than some of the larger web sites, especially when you factor in the actual candidate ROI; i.e. the quality of candidates that the hiring manager receives contrasted with the flat fee structure that most niche job boards utilize.

The end result for the hiring manager that utilizes a niche job board can be generating contacts from much better qualified candidates, minimizing the amount of time spent wading through unqualified candidates and lower overall costs, due to targeting and a flat fee structure.


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