Funeral Service Planning

What is the significance of white doves being released at a funeral service? The dove has long been considered a symbol of spirituality in the deepest sense. Perhaps it is partially due to its white, pure color and clean appearance of this beautiful bird.

The tradition of releasing doves in various events has become increasingly more popular. You will find this tradition is happening more frequently in weddings and funerals. pemakaman muslim

There have been stories that have said white doves carried the souls of the deceased to heaven. They can also represent eternal peace of a loved one who has departed this life. They are often referred to as symbols of Peace, Love, Unity Faithfulness, Prosperity and Hope.

You will see white doves released at funeral services, weddings, memorials and other special events. They can have various meanings depending on the occasion you are choosing to release them. The releasing can give an event a powerful and meaningful, lasting impression. For a funeral service however, a single dove release signifies a final goodbye and passing of your loved one.

For funeral and memorial services, doves are symbols of peace and love. They can often bring comfort to those who are hurting from a loss of a loved one, and lift happy memories during a funeral when the doves are being released to the heavens. As the doves are lifted to the sky, adults and children alike often have sincere smiles watching the doves fly upward toward the sky.

For some, it can be symbolic of their loved one rising to the heavens. The ritual of releasing doves can bring honor, dignity and tribute.  It is a symbolic flight of a loved one going to a better place.


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