Gourmet Coffee – Do Office Coffee Services Perk Up Performance?

For those of you who are like me and simply cannot stay awake enough without the caffeine induced adrenaline rush at least three times a day at work, office coffee services is the solution. And I count myself very lucky to have one of the best service in town at my office. It is the greatest gift the company could give to us. In fact, it has helped to save tons of money on a daily basis. A quick calculation tells of hundreds of dollars saved per month, especially when you have acquired a taste for gourmet coffee. canada coffee office service

One of the must have little fringe benefits that some offices provide to their staff is the office coffee services package. The package basically includes a free coffee machine with your choice of monthly supply of different types of specialty coffee. The amount consumed by your office depends on how much you need, with a full selection of specialty coffee too. Established coffee companies should provide you with free shipping for the monthly supplies. With such convenient services, coffee junkies like me literally live in the office just for the coffee. Now this is loyalty at the workplace for you!

Office Coffee Services options need not be expensive, especially when you are the boss providing this little but important fringe benefit to your staff. The electric coffee marker is one option which grinds your coffee beans and serves you fresh on demand ensuring quality, for both espresso and drip coffee. You have a choice of specialty coffee beans or what is provided by the coffee company which are A rated beans from choice suppliers. Another alternative is the vending coffee dispenser machine providing users with instant coffee, but of low quality.

Speaking from the perspective of an avid coffee drinker and an employee, there are indeed many ways for a boss to keep their staff glued to their workstation, serving up more than eight hours of work, if you simply do your part to serve up that gourmet coffee as and when they need them with a great office coffee service. Trust me, they literally camp up at the office thereafter.


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