Great Reasons To Do A Science Project With Your Kid Today

Every science project is based on the scientific method, which is a step-by-step procedure that is used to prove or disprove your theory. Scientists in every aspect of science use the scientific method for every project that they work on.

The scientific method consists of the following steps:

Step one:

Write a research question. This is the question you are going to try to answer while doing your project.

Step two:

Research the topic. This will provide you with all of the information that is already available on your topic, you will get better results if you do a broad search on the topic, but you can also do a focused search.

Step three:

Write a hypothesis. This is what you think the answer to your question will be. You will be proving or disproving this statement in the next few steps.

Step four:

Develop an experimental procedure. This is where you are going to state how you are going to try and prove that what you think is the correct answer and you will also perform any experiments at this stage.

Step five:

Collect and state results. Here you will take all of the information you have obtained and the results of your experiments and record them in a notebook.

Step six:

Form valid conclusions. This step is the last step because here you are going to state if your answer was correct or incorrect based on all of the information and experiments that you have completed.

By basing each science project on the scientific method you are providing your child with an organized project that will help them develop important skills later in life. Depending on the exact project you are doing you might not have to use all of the steps in the scientific method and also depending on the age of the child you will want to gear the steps to their levels.

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