Great Resource Websites Where You Can Donate Unwanted Items

One of the biggest obstacles people encounter in Feng Shui is how to de-cluttering their environment. The issue always boils down to the following questions: “what will become of the item after it leaves my home?” and “I do not know of any places where I can donate my items?” In short, people want to know that their items can be reused and recycled.

The following resources go beyond the usual Salvation Army & Goodwill; which are also excellent places to donate your unwanted items. CAUTION: Please objectively look at the item and if it is broken, dirty or unsafe THROW IT AWAY. Gently used items are always accepted and preferred! Salvation Army Pickup

Website For Your Unwanted Items:

  1. Habitat for Humanity– Unwanted Automobiles
  2. Green Demolitions – Norwalk, Connecticut, Honesdale, Pennsylvania & Bethel, New York- Entire Houses In Great Shape: Will take your old kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, updated appliances, bathroom vanities, pedestal sinks…the list of what they accept is VERY EXTENSIVE. Check out their website They will even take your airplane! They also will sell you a slightly used kitchen, bathroom, etc. They service New England, the Catskills, Upstate NY, Tri-state NY area and Pennsylvania. WARNING-Green Demolitions will accept only items that are in good to excellent condition.All donations are picked up at your home or business, free of charge.
  3. Help1Up– Help Families Of Abuse, National Disaster Victims, Welfare Families & Others By Providing Used Furniture: This organization ties into furniture banks all over the US. As they state, “Your donation will keep bulky items out of landfills and incinerators and provide a less fortunate family with the basic comforts of home.” They strive to make sure that no child in America sleeps on the floor.
  4. Local Animal Shelters– Blankets, linens, comforters, towels, slightly used animal beds & toys. They will accept items that are not in good condition. The items are used for bedding for cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. who are awaiting their forever home. Examples: contact your local chapter of the ASPCA or click on the following link and put in your state and town. A list of shelters & what they need will pop up:


By de-cluttering and recycling your unwanted items, you are creating open space in your environment & providing a happiness for a underprivileged person (or pet).

Ellie Marshall has studied with the most respected masters in the art of Feng Shui. She blends her Feng Shui training along with her corporate background at Seventeen Magazine and American Express, which make her a truly unique, intuitive Feng Shui Practitioner. Her area of expertise is working with and teaching large corporations, such as PepsiCo, Crain’s Investment News & Houlihan Lawerence. She does on site residential and commercial consultations all over the world. She lives in Westchester County,NY and has a strong client base in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield County. During her 1982 visit to China, she was honored by receiving a private tour of the Forbidden City & a rare, old Feng Shui book from a Feng Shui Grandmaster. Her love of this ancient art was then kindled.

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