Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Body Massager Review

I bought Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Body Massager for my Grandma a few months ago after my Grandma became bedridden because of a bad slip.  She hurt her hip and I was afraid that months of immobility will cause her leg muscles to atrophy.  I talked to her therapist and her therapist told me to try Jeanie Rub on my Grandma.  My Grandma has since recuperated and still wants me to use the body massager on her whenever I visit her in the nursing home.  I was intrigued with this product so I bought it for myself.  I can use it to massage almost all parts of my body.  The only thing that I can’t massage is my back.  I hope it can be strapped so that even if there’s no one around, anyone can use it on their own.  I love the rotary dial which makes adjusting the speed of the oscillation very fast and very easy.  강남안마

It is definitely a good buy and it is not expensive when I think about the amount of money that I spend chiropractor, I think it’s still a good value.  I still need to go to my chiropractor whenever I have prolonged backache but since I started using Jeanie Rub, I didn’t need to visit as often as before.  I saw this variable speed massager on my chiropractor’s office once and my chiropractor said that he uses it on patients who request it.  If a chiropractor uses it, it must be really good.

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