Medical Malpractice Laws – Understanding the Laws

Medical malpractice refers to a healthcare provider being negligent in their job performance.  Malpractice can even refer to a professional’s failure to act in a timely manner.  There are hundred of thousand of injuries that happen during a medical procedure, and some patients even die.  Malpractice is becoming a serious problem in our country; it has been called an epidemic.

The Purpose of Medical Malpractice Laws

Laws relative to medical malpractice are in place to protect the patient.  These laws provide legal options to a patient when they become victim to malpractice by a doctor or other provider.  Some functions that these laws perform include: Hawaii medical malpractice


  • They allow the injured to hold the responsible party(s) liable
  • They allow injured parties to seek compensatory damages such as money for medical expenses, lost wages, and mental anguish
  • They serve as a deterrent to medical professionals

The laws vary state by state so it is vital you speak with a medical attorney.  They know these laws and they have experience in these types of cases.

What Types of Negligence Do Medical Malpractice Laws Cover?

These laws cover many negligent acts.  Some acts of negligence are seen below:


  • Not diagnosing a medical condition or illness (including misdiagnosis)
  • Not treating a condition or illness in a timely manner
  • Not giving informed consent prior to a medical procedure
  • Not responding properly to fetal distress

Other acts of neglect medical laws cover are misdiagnosis of test results, mistakes in medication, surgical errors and other errors that cause harm to the patient.  Be aware that medical malpractice laws limit the amount of time you have to file a claim, usually two to three years.  If you think, you are a victim of malpractice, contact an attorney immediately.


The Importance of Finding an Experienced Attorney

Lawsuits related to malpractice in the medical field are difficult, complex and costly to litigate.  There are attorneys who specialized in medical laws relative to malpractice.  They have many years of experience and they have many resources to help case.  A client is their number one priority and they will use resources they have all over the world successfully.  With the many years of experience they have, also of knowledge and have successfully represent people all the U.S

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