National Lottery Affiliate Marketing Program

If you are succumb with the desire in winning the lottery, then the only way to earn is to be part of a syndicate. A syndicate is a group of individuals who share the same passion in this game of chance. In here, participants are asked to chip in an amount every week and their desired six numbers to play. If anyone in the group wins the jackpot, the total earnings are then divided. The good thing about this one is that since there are more persons involve, there is a big chance to win in every draw. 7M ผลบอลสด

Like any other games, the syndicate may not always win. Yet you can still profit even without the jackpot. For instance would be referring another individual to join the said consortium. With that in hand, the new member tends to give his or her share. Every syndicate has their rules in how their members can profit. Let us take into account the UK National Lottery. In this syndicate, every person who refers someone will have a 20% share of those individual total earnings. If that new individual will refer someone again, then he or she will not only have the share of the new member but you as the first hand referrer.

The ladder goes on and your potential profit can even grew from hundreds to thousands. Much more your credibility will also rise since every successful referee within your ladder will be accredited into your code number. The UK National Lottery only allows up to seven ladder paths. The seventh and final step would be consisting of 78,125 persons and the total annual profit you could gain once you reached this limit is over a million pounds. With this said, you can earn more from referring rather than playing the lottery. Much more this is really a sure way to have money than taking your chances in the uncertain.

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