What Breast Implant Size is Right For You? Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

If you are contemplating breast implants, it is deeply important to ask your Honolulu plastic surgeon a series of questions. Breast augmentation, like any other surgery, warrants you to make the best decision that will bring you the most satisfaction with your long-term results.

Ask your Honolulu Plastic Surgeon about the Right Breast Implant Size

How do you know what breast implant size is right for you? There are a variety of factors, such as current weight, height, body shape, and skin elasticity, which can determine the optimal breast augmentation size for you. Be aware that breast implants are not sized in the same way bras are. Manufacturers of breast implants base the size of the implants on cubic centimeters (cc). This describes the amount of saline or silicone that composes the implant.

When you talk with the Honolulu plastic surgeon, you can mention your present bra size and the size you would like to be after the breast augmentation surgery; however, it is important to realize that the surgeon will refer to the implant size in terms of the cc sizes that are available. facial plastic surgeon in Newburgh, NY

Before your first meeting with the Honolulu plastic surgeon, it would be to your benefit to have a general idea of the size of breasts you would like to have. Find pictures in magazines or over the Internet that show women who are closely matched to you in terms of height, weight, and general body shape. If you can visualize what size you feel would be appealing to you, then this is something you can communicate more succinctly to the Honolulu plastic surgeon.

Breast Implant Elements to Consider

Breast implants range in size from 125 cc up to the largest size of 1200 cc. This range, and which would be suitable for you, is a factor your Honolulu plastic surgeon will discuss with you during your first appointment.

When contemplating the breast size you would like to have, bear in mind that your skin will have to be stretched over the implant once it is in place. This is one of many factors that the Honolulu plastic surgeon will consider when he is making his recommendation to you during the initial consultation.

Having larger breasts will affect your overall body shape, and it is a decision that must be given a great deal of thought. The Honolulu plastic surgeon can make suggestions on what in his professional opinion is the most appropriate size of breast implants for you, depending upon your existing body structure. It is essential that the lines of communication remain open between the two of you in order to establish a positive professional relationship.

Consult with Others and Your Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

If you know family members, friends, co-workers or neighbors with breast implants, and who are comfortable talking to you about their surgery, then discuss your situation for them. Ask how many cubic centimeters their implants are. It would also be helpful to know if they chose to get saline or silicone implants, and whether or not they are happy with the results.

You should have a good understanding of your expectations and goals before you speak with your Honolulu plastic surgeon. After all, it is your body, and thinking carefully about how you want it to look is a critical part to loving your long-term appearance.


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