Why Does the Essay Word Count Worry Students So Much?

It is funny how what one person would consider to be little more than a minor inconvenience can become a major problem and even a significant worry for so many others. This seemingly ‘small thing’ can soon take on a life of its very own as something quite major until it is playing on a person’s mind and haunting their very existence until they have little or no real conception of how to proceed without guidance. Fortunately, however, help is at hand in the form of this article because whilst the problem of an essay word count may be something of a minor concern for many students it is something that should not be taken for granted as it is only not a problem if you know how to handle it effectively when it comes to the essay writing process.

Therefore, this article will look to provide you with a brief overview of some of the things that you should look to deal with when considering the problems you may have with your word count. With this in mind, one of the first things that I would do is consider what actually ‘counts’ towards your essay word count by looking in the guidance that you have received from your institution and your individual assessor to check what they expect of you. pay for essay reddit 

Now many of you may think ‘Well, I don’t to do that because every word I write should count towards my essay word count so I need to structure my essay accordingly’ – WRONG!!

More often than not only the words you write in the main body of your work will count towards your essay word count. As a result, this means that your footnotes, title (i.e. main heading/question), subtitles/subheadings, and bibliography will NOT count towards your essay word count because they are not part of the main body of your work and, with regards to the footnotes and bibliography, are meant to give your work greater credibility and legitimacy by showing that you are able to utilise other people’s views in your work and critique them.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

If it only it was that easy . . .

The unfortunate reality is that very often you will be told your footnotes WILL count towards your essay word count and so you will have to make allowances for them and look to abbreviate where necessary/possible to save words for the main body of your work according to an academically acceptable system and this can be made all the more complex where your computer does not know the difference between the main body of the essay and the references so make sure to BE AWARE!

What about when you are asked to use a form of ‘in-text’ referencing like Harvard Referencing?

Again, you must check to see whether these reference will be included in your essay word count because it is all too easy to assume that they will be just because they are included in the same area of your work as your discussion and analysis. Therefore, where they are not included it is usually a good idea to keep a tally of the words that you use for your Harvard References so that you can subtract them from your total at the end and get the right word count.


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